Owls and Environment

Humans have been fascinated by owls for centuries, and even today, people in many parts of the world regard them with fear and superstition, probably because of their strange sounds at night. They are one of the cute animals we have in this world. Owls are harmless birds that seldom interact with humans and help to control rodents’ pests. Most owls are strictly nocturnal but some are abroad for a few hours in day­light. There are 16 owl species in Tanzania, there are two endemic. Those are Pem­ba Scops-owl and Usambara Eagle-Owl.


In most parts of Africa, owls have suffered killings and fewer conservation efforts be­cause of superstition. However, in many areas where owls were killed, people have suffered crop loss as a result of a surge in the rodents population. It is therefore clear that owls play important services to our life, especially in crop production. Their noc­turnal life should not be the reason to be hated or killed. Please help in raising aware­ness about the owls’ beauty and importance to our life. Speak to children and students.



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