Our focus

With your support, we can together join hands in bringing the positive change we all want to see. You can support Nature Tanzania by becoming a Nature Tanzania member or by donating to the organization.

Become a Member

Joining Nature Tanzania membership is the best way to support what we are doing and to become part of the bigger team across the globe who want to see a positive change in biodiversity conservation in the country. There are 2 membership categories namely;- Individual Membership and Associate Membership.


You can choose to Donate specific activities listed below or you can support our general conservation work in the country.

The specific activities to be supported include;-

  1. Birdwatch activities in Amani Nature Reserve
  2. Birdwatch activities in Arusha, Tanga
  3. Awareness-raising to local communities at Bahi wetlands
  4. Core costs of the organizations

Your support will be truly appreciated