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Featured Stories

Building youths’ capacity

We are implementing the bird ringing and monitoring training program that aim at improving members’ capacity on biodiversity monitoring and scientific writing.

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Owls and Environment

Humans have been fascinated by owls for centuries with many people regarding them with fear and superstition. However, owls play important role in  food security.


Pollination and food security

Nature provides ecosystem services
that make life possible here on earth.  Pollination, a regulating ecosystem services is essential for food security and human nutrition.


IBA Monitoring

With support from the African Bird Club (ABC), we are monitoring Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas in Tanzania. Data are uploaded to the World Bird Database.

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Conservation efforts at Lake Natron

Together with BirdLife International and other partners, we are working to protect biodiversity and communities’ livelihoods at the site.


Lark plains: Birders’ paradise

There is one place that every birder living in Arusha, or visiting Arusha, needs to visit and that is the famous Lark Plains. The key bird to see there is the endemic Beesley’s Lark.