Engaging Communities to Conserve Nature


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Engaging Communities to Conserve Nature

 About Nature Tanzania

Nature Tanzania is an independent membership national conservation NGO in Tanzania, with its head offices located at TEMDO building, Njiro road, Arusha Tanzania. The organization is registered under the Non-Governmental Organizations Act, 2002 to operate in Tanzania mainland. It is guided by a constitution, a five year strategy 2017 – 2022 and a five year business plan. Being a membership NGO, our members are our strength.

Tanzania country is rich in biodiversity and therefore very important for conservation. The country has recorded over 1,200 species of birds. We are using birds as indicators of ecosystem health and a tool for biodiversity conservation. We are working with communities, the private sector and the government in  areas identified as Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas (IBA) and Key Biodiversity Areas (KBA).

Our Pillars


Status of threatened species improved.


Implementation of programmes for rehabilitation, restoration and conservation of degraded habitats.

Positive change of people’s attitudes

Good governance and transparency in decision making result in positive change of communities towards nature conservation..


Participatory development and implementation of land use plans in prioritized sites enhanced for ecological sustainability.

Building Youths' Capacity

Through the Biodiversity Monitoring (BiMO) project, we are preparing youths and students in making positive changes through scientific research.

Building members' capacity in scientific research

Through the Biodiversity Monitoring (BiMO) project, we are equipping our members with knowledge and skills to in making positive changes.

Building Communities' Capacity in Biodiversity Monitoring

We are supporting fortnight and monthly bird walks in Arusha, Dar es Salaam and Amani Nature Forest Reserve.

Featured Stories

Building youths’ capacity

The second cohort BiMO training program was conducted from 29th March to 8th April 2021 at Amani Nature Forest Reserve, Tanga. Your support is needed for sustainability.

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Owls and Environment

Humans have been fascinated by owls for centuries with many people regarding them with fear and superstition. However, owls play important role in  food security.


Pollination and food security

Nature provides ecosystem services
that make life possible here on earth.  Pollination, a regulating ecosystem services is essential for food security and human nutrition.


Conservation efforts at Lake Natron

Together with BirdLife International and other partners, we are working to protect biodiversity and communities’ livelihoods at the site.

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IBA Monitoring

With support from the African Bird Club (ABC), we are monitoring Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas in Tanzania. Data are uploaded to the World Bird Database.



Become part of a worldwide community who care about birds, conservation and communities in Tanzania

How You Can Help

Become a member

By becoming our member, you are joining the global community who cares and support biodiversity conservation in Tanzania.


By volunteering with us, you will actively contribute to creating a brighter future for nature and communities in Tanzania.


With your valuable donation, together we are investing in creating a better future for birds, people and nature.


Help us in spreading word of conservation to your networks. When we all join hands in taking positive actions towards nature conservation, we are saving our own home, the world.

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